24 B This is used to introduce landing pages and can be used with buttons or no buttons.
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KIPP NYC Online Style Guide

This is H2 Header Text

Here are 75 words of regular text condimentum felis hac ad a a inceptos sagittis ad consectetur.Vel nullam a diam ante et quisque tortor dui turpis a suscipit risus at ut nisl ac.Ligula a auctor adipiscing dolor ut adipiscing nec leo urna ullamcorper ad dignissim mi adipiscing justo vitae vestibulum interdum parturient varius in a consectetur libero eu litora nisl.Purus suspendisse enim quisque gravida fames leo risus ullamcorper blandit morbi a eros.

This is an H3 Subhead

  • List items look like this
  • List items look like this
  • List items look like this
  • List items look like this

This is the testimonial module that can work great for short quotes of support or reinforcement from families, student, etc.

Name, Company

Content can be in 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns – including permutations of a half page with two 1/4s, 2/3rds with a 1/3, etc.


This is a standard call to action in a sidebar.


Blurbs can be used a number of ways and the image/icon can be placed at the top or to the side. Anytime an image is used on the site there can be animation.