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OPENED: 2009

201 E. 144th St.,
Bronx, NY 10451
P: (212) 991-2626
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2020-2021 School Year Announcements

Please join us tonight for the Senior Success Banquet via this LINK. Use password KIPP to join.  The College and Career Ceremony begins at 6:00pm. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! Please click HERE to view our Senior Awards Ceremony.  We are so proud of all the winners and please stop by the high school main office to pick up your awards.  You will need to wear these awards to graduation on June 25th! 

We would also like to highlight all your accomplishments outside the classroom.  Enjoy this video showcasing your accomplishments. 

Class of 2021:  Please check the Seniors Tab for more information and announcements

Fall Sports Interest Meeting – Monday, June 14th: check Canvas Main Office for zoom links and details.  Fall Sports for Volleyball, Soccer, Football and Cheer!

Explore Summer Opportunities 2021 Guidebook
Please click HERE to view a digital catalog.  for more information please reach out to your career counselor.

Meet with Principal Capellan
Schedule a meeting with Principal Capellan: Families and Students please sign up through schoolbookings  

Main Office Support
If you have any questions or concerns and would like to contact the main office, please email

Follow us @kippnyccollegeprephs for the latest announcements and events.

Student Tech Support: Please email  KIPP Tech support if you are experiencing technical problems with your Chromebook or logging in.  You can also leave a voicemail at 212-991-2615 with your name, the student’s name and callback number.

UPDATED 6/11/2021

Congratulations Class of 2021!

Senior Locker Cleanout and Material Drop-off
June 8th – 11th – COVID Testing and Material Drop-off

  • In order to attend senior events, students need to provide a negative PCR COVID test and invited to come and test at the high school. Please stop by the building between 9:00am -3:30pm to complete your test.
  • All seniors must drop off the following materials
    • KIPP-issued chromebook, charger and/or mifi
    • Calculator
    • Music Instrument
    • Textbooks or other school owned materials

June 14th – 16th– Senior Locker Cleanout: Students, please sign up through schoolbookings to clean out their locker between 9:00am – 3:30pm.  Click this link or visit schoolbookings.net and enter event code is b6u85 to book an appointment for locker cleanout.

Senior Events
We will be hosting four senior events to celebrate our students during the month of June. Details for each event are below. To maintain safety and follow CDC guidelines, we will be requiring the following for every student.

  1. Complete the RSVP form
  2. All students who RSVP “attending” to the senior event will be sent a permission slip that must be signed by a parent/guardian in order to attend.
  3. All students who will be attending the senior events must show proof of a negative PCR COVID test within 3 days of the first event. We will be providing COVID testing for students at the high school or students can test at an outside facility.  If your student is testing at the high school, a parent/guardian must sign a consent to test form.

Tuesday, June 15th – Senior Awards Ceremony
Location: Video Ceremony posted on School Website
Students and Families can view together
*Seniors will be able to pick up their awards after the ceremony

Wednesday, June 16th – Senior Sunset Goodbyes
Location: Mott Haven Campus
Students only permitted at event

Monday, June 21st – Senior Success Banquet 
Location: Mott Haven Campus
5:00pm- 9:00pm
*We will be live-streaming the College and Career Commitment Ceremony
during this event for families to view.

We are thrilled to announce we will be hosting one graduation ceremony on Friday, June 25th at 11:30am. Graduation will be at the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park also known as the Summerstage.  Address: E 72nd Street, New York, NY.  

Graduation RSVP and detailed information will be sent out to eligible seniors.



Together with families and communities, we create joyful, academically excellent schools
that prepare students to pursue the paths they choose—college, career, and beyond—
so they can lead fulfilling lives and build a more just world.

Students can graduate with a Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma and our school places special emphasis on completing the required coursework and tests to earn an Advanced Regents Diploma, based on the belief that students meeting this higher standard will be prepared to successfully enroll and pass entry-level college coursework. To receive an Advanced Regents Diploma, students must take and pass nine Regents exams: English, three Math, Global History, US History, two Science, and a language other than English. Over 90% of our students enroll in rigorous Advanced Placement (AP), Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA), or Honors courses. Students have the choice of 19 AP courses and 4 SUPA courses, which can earn them college credits, along with 13 honors courses.

College and Career Counseling

We provide a comprehensive college and career counseling department to ensure our students engage in enriching summer programming, develop individual career plans, are fully prepared for the SAT college entrance exam, and go on to enroll in a college or career opportunity that meets their interests, abilities, and financial needs. Students take part in a two-year College Readiness sequence, consisting of College and Career Readiness (CCR) or Foundations of Career Development (FOCD) in junior year and Senior College and Career Counseling (SCCC) in senior year. Through our coursework and counseling, we have seen amazing results:

  • 95% of our students take the SAT, with over 100 points of growth on average from beginning to end of our College and Career Readiness course.
  • Over 95% of our students matriculate to college, with over 50% earning spots in supportive and competitive Opportunity Programs, over 65% of our students enrolling in a college that is ranked as Competitive or higher, and over 65% receiving financial aid that fully covers the direct costs of their college.
  • 90% of our students participate in at least one summer opportunity.
Visual and Performing Arts

We offer 24 different art electives in Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Music, Choir, Dance and Drama. We provide students with introductory, advanced and AP level courses. Our after-school programs offer choir, dance, spoken word, drama, step, visual arts, yearbook, Fall play, and Spring musical. Students can participate and perform in over 10 school productions, competitions, and outside performances throughout the school year.


KIPP NYC College Prep offers a robust athletics program and was the first charter school to compete in the Public School Athletic League (PSAL). We offer football, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, rugby, track and lacrosse. We have 14 varsity programs and three junior varsity programs, for a total of 17 interscholastic sports teams. Additionally, we offer intramural flag football, basketball and kickball to give students the benefits of team support in a less competitive setting. Roughly 30% of our student body participates in our athletic program, and we recently won city championships in Football, Men’s Varsity Basketball, Men’s Varsity Baseball and Women’s Varsity Rugby. Our Cheerleading program has been ranked 8th and 9th in the country the two past seasons, respectively, in the non-tumbling varsity division.

Canvas Support:
Students: To login to your Student Canvas Account Click Here to view a Video Tutorial and use your KIPP credentials (KIPP email and password).  There is a login button on the main page that will connect you directly to Canvas.
Parents: For the Parent Observer Canvas Account: please check your email for a message titled “‘Canvas Registration Complete’ saying ‘You have been registered for a Canvas account at KIPP NYC!’’ Click through the link in your specific email to activate your Canvas Parent Observer Account.

Canvas Parent Observer AccountHow To Guide

Student Tech Support: Please email  KIPP Tech support if you are experiencing technical problems with your Chromebook or logging in.  You can also leave a voicemail at 212-991-2615 with your name, the student’s name and callback number.

Remote Learning Resources: Please read the Regional Communication Letter  that includes a remote learning checklist: how to log on to canvas, chromebook and more detailed information.  Please visit the Regional Remote Learning Website for information and video tutorials

Orientation Videos

Please note as of February 2, 2021 – the class zoom time schedule has been updated to the following
New Zoom Class Schedule 
Period 1/5: 10:30-11:20am
Period 2/6: 11:25-12:15pm
Break: 12:15-12:35pm
Period 3/7: 12:35-1:25pm
Period 4/8: 1:30-2:20pm
Advisory (Wednesday): 2:25-3:10pm

School Schedule Overview

New Zoom Class Schedule – Starting February 2nd 
Period 1/5: 10:30-11:20am
Period 2/6: 11:25-12:15pm
Break: 12:15-12:35pm
Period 3/7: 12:35-1:25pm
Period 4/8: 1:30-2:20pm
Advisory (Wednesday): 2:25-3:10pm





Food Pantry (NEW DATES):
We are pleased to announce that our families will continue to have access to our food pantry every week throughout November. We are now offering families Wednesday (Bronx, Washington Heights) and Thursday (Harlem, Brooklyn) pick-up options, varying by site. Sign up using the form here. Thank you for your continued support in our efforts to assist our families in need during this pandemic.

Social Emotional Support and Public Services:
During this challenging time, NYS has set up a new hotline to support students and families who need mental health services. For FREE emotional support, consultation, and referral to a provider, call 1-844-863-9314.
Other resources can be found here at NYC.gov: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/em/resources/covid-19-services-resources.page

NEW Resource: Teen Health & Wellness provides middle and high school students with up-to-date, nonjudgmental, straightforward curricular, and self-help support. Articles are correlated to state, national, and provincial standards, including Common Core Health and Science. Topics covered include diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, LGBTQ+ issues, and more. Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers is for educational purposes only. If you have a question on a health or wellness issue, we strongly encourage you to call one of the hotlines (provided on website) to speak to a qualified professional or speak to a trusted adult, such as a parent, teacher, or guidance counselor: https://teenhealthandwellness.com/static/hotlines

Tutoring Resources:
EduMate connects college students with NYC public school students K-12 follow this link: https://www.edumatenyc.org/

Additional Information:

  • NYSTESOL has published Google Classroom video tutorials in multiple languages HERE [youtube.com]
  • The NYCDOE has published remote learning overviews in multiple languages HERE [schools.nyc.gov]
  • Please note that some of the information is NOT relevant for charter families

Staff Availability/ Communication Expectations:
Please be advised that staff are virtually available for most of the day and we ask that any messaging, questions or outreach are between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm. Please be advised that for any messages and/or assignments submitted after 7:00pm there is potential that you will not receive a response until the next day. In an effort to help everyone to find balance, we wanted to provide everyone with a structure for times of communication.



Monthly Weekly Daily List

June 2021


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Last Day of Classes

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Make Up/Regents Exams


Senior Sunset Goodbyes

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Juneteenth (Observed)


Senior Success Banquet

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Last Day of School



Summer Vacation – School Closed


Summer Vacation – School Closed


Summer Vacation – School Closed