KIPP Inquire

In partnership with families, KIPP Inquire will nurture every student’s sense of self, ignite their curiosity, and challenge their intellect.

501 Gerard Ave., Bronx, NY 10451

GRADES K (growing to K-4)


“At KIPP Inquire Elementary School, we believe that a quality education expands the mind, leans on the heart, and moves the body. Our students will be critical thinkers and the empathetic leaders of tomorrow.” – John Carter, Principal, KIPP Inquire Elementary School

Our Vision and Values

KIPP Inquire students are on their own authentic journey and it is our role as educators, in partnership with their families, to affirm student identity, ignite curiosity, and nurture critical thinking.

Sense of Self

Students will explore their unique identities through self-discovery and our social emotional learning curriculum. Throughout their time at Inquire, students will continue to explore the power of their similarities and differences with their peers, and the world.

Sparking Curiosity

Students will pursue topics and interests that provoke in them joy and wonder. Students will create interdisciplinary projects that will cause them to think critically, problem solve, and imagine new possibilities.

Critical Thinking

Students will investigate, evaluate, and question the world around them. From ELA and Math to Science and Social Studies, students will dig into content to uncover the truth and generate their own perspectives. 

What Makes KIPP Inquire Special

Culturally Responsive Instruction

KIPP Inquire students bring their unique cultures, beliefs and experience to the school community. Their identities are assets that will inform how we engage and connect with what we learn together. Students learn best when engaging in a productive struggle that helps uncover their limitless potential. KIPP Inquire students will be life-long learners who embrace challenges, reflect on mistakes, and try again.

The Wonder Wall

At KIPP Inquire, we believe that academic achievement and skill attainment are not the only goals of an education. With every investigation, students will develop their humanity, empathy, and sense of justice. In each classroom, students will engage with a “Wonder Wall” where they can share and post their own wonderings throughout the day.

Project-based Learning

Students will work on a project that integrates two or more content areas. For example, a unit about The Five Senses can be paired with Science (investigating the world through your senses) and Math (principles of counting). Project-based learning will compel students to use a variety of skills and connect them to other disciplines.


John Carter, Principal

john carterJohn Carter is the Founding Principal of KIPP Inquire Elementary School. In 2012, John started his career at KIPP, teaching 2nd grade at KIPP Academy Elementary School in the South Bronx. For the past 6 years, John has been leading and teaching at KIPP STAR Harlem Elementary School. John was the founding teacher for KIPP STAR’s First, Second and Third Grade, focusing on building a classroom culture of self-love, self-advocacy and putting forth your best intellectual effort. During his time at KIPP STAR, the founding Third and Fourth Grade students became the first cohorts in KIPP NYC to score 75% and above on ELA and Math in the same year.

John is committed to developing and supporting a school vision that affirms students, fosters student’s curiosity, and challenges students to think critically about the world around them.

A little fun fact about John, is that his favorite word is AND. Inquire Elementary School will be about academics AND character, developing the mind AND the heart…AND most importantly, this will be done in partnership with students, staff AND families.

What to expect at KIPP Inquire Elementary School

  • Arrival: Arrival will begin at 7:45 am.
  • School Hours: Our school day runs from 8am to 4:00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, our school day runs from 8am to 1:30pm.
  • Breakfast: Breakfast will be served during arrival + morning meeting.
  • Lunch + Snacks: Snacks will be provided in the mid morning and lunch will be provided in the afternoon.

Daily Academics

  • Read Aloud + Close Reading: reading, analyzing and writing about a diverse selection of texts.
  • Phonics: direct phonics instruction to set up students to read on their own.
  • Guided Reading: Small group reading instruction tailored to each student’s reading level.
  • Math: a blend of direct math instruction and our computer program, Zearn, to support.
  • Number Stories: An inquiry-based approach to math where students practice flexible problem-solving skills in math.
  • Science: Inquiry-based experiments that will allow students to explore scientific ideas
  • Arts + Movement Block: an electives block where students will explore different artistic + fitness activities


  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Athletics
  • Social and Emotional Learning: Students will engage in weekly activities to develop their sense of self, ability to reflect and build relationships with their peers.
  • Morning Meeting: Students will engage in our social-emotional learning curriculum 4x a week in class.
  • Whole School Meeting: Once a week, the whole school will come together to engage in a culture lesson and to celebrate the hard work of big and small KIPPsters in the Inquire community.