This summer, the entire KIPP NYC community came together to recommit ourselves to our KIPP NYC Core Values. These Core Values solidify what drives us to continue to do this work and what “We Believe” here at KIPP NYC.

Silver Arcos, Assistant Principal at KIPP Washington Heights Middle School, shared his story and how it connects to those values. As the first in a series of Core Values Talks from members of the KIPP NYC team and family, Silver introduces us to all 10 values, from remembering and appreciating all those who have impacted his practice as an educator, to letting us know why he continues to raise the bar for KIPPsters. In Silver’s words, “I love crushing stereotypes and this bad hombre wants to continue to raise the bar for our KIPPsters and make sure that they know that we believe.”

Watch and enjoy as Silver shares his journey as an educator at KIPP NYC!