Recently, two KIPP NYC staffers posted editorials on two two key priorities for KIPP – getting more of our students to and through college, and, having more teachers who look like our students in our schools.

Robert Santos, of KIPP NYC College Prep penned this article for the NY Daily News.

How to get more low-income kids through college

While our students may not have celebrity parents… we’ve doubled down on a college prep culture and an in-school college counseling program with results that stack up against many higher-income suburban districts.

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Lucas Lyons, a teacher at KIPP Infinity Middle School told his story at The74.

Teaching Black Students Love in a System That Doesn’t Always Love Them Back

How do I convince my students that they are worthy of, and expected to do, great things when black children in America today are constantly being told that they do not belong and they are not enough?

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