It’s 3:30pm on Friday afternoon in Crown Heights and 207 KIPPsters are gathered at KIPP AMP Elementary School for their weekly STRIVE Circle. Like other KIPP NYC schools, KIPP AMP Elementary has created a special and unique ritual where students, staff, and families gather to sing songs, celebrate joy and success, and reflect on the school’s values.

At KIPP AMP Elementary, Scholarship, Tenacity, Respect, Inquiry, Voice, and Enthusiasm are the STRIVE values that drive student character development. By directly teaching observable STRIVE traits through songs, skits, and videos, AMP staff encourage students to embody these values. During Friday STRIVE Circle, KIPP AMP celebrates all our students who have demonstrated these actions in their classrooms, highlighting that hard work leads to success.

STRIVE Circle plays a pivotal role in building community amongst our students and staff. It’s a time where we can all unite, sing songs, celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and learn how we can show the school values throughout the day. The students and staff really enjoy this time of the week. My favorite part of STRIVE circle is the class performances and the singing. I can see the joy throughout the room and it’s truly amazing. — Lynette Cray, Founding Teacher at KIPP AMP Elementary

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