At KIPP, there’s a t-shirt that says “51% character, 49% academics,” because we believe the infusion of character education into our lessons is key to helping our students to and through college. KIPPsters who develop traits such as grit and curiosity are more likely to love learning and stick with it even when the work gets hard. And students who nurture their gratitude and social intelligence are adept at working in teams, comfortable navigating new environments, and confident when tackling new challenges.

OK, you say, that sounds great… but how do you teach character? For the first time, the KIPP Foundation is sharing a library of resources, videos, and links designed to give you a better sense of and strategies for incorporating character into your classroom.

You can even take a lesson yourself, by signing up for a course taught by KIPP co-founder Dave Levin. Sign up here.

Check out all the KIPP Character resources here: Beyond KIPP – Character.
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