KIPP NYC Leadership Council

KIPP NYC’s Leadership Council is a diverse group of mid-career professionals whose initiatives support KIPP NYC mission for a better tomorrow. Their advocacy, volunteerism, and fundraising enable KIPP NYC to create and sustain joyful, academically excellent schools that prepare students with the skills and confidence to pursue college, career, and beyond.


The Leadership Council supports KIPP NYC by promoting and supporting the important work of KIPP NYC teachers and students, coordinating meaningful volunteer events and activities, fundraising on behalf of such efforts, and raising public awareness of KIPP NYC. Members must demonstrate a passion for education and belief in KIPP NYC’s mission through a commitment to advocacy, volunteerism and fundraising.



Leadership Council members must be committed to becoming knowledgeable champions of KIPP NYC. Members are committed to attending quarterly meetings and at least two additional community-focused events per fiscal year.


Leadership Council members are expected to lend their time to support the work of our KIPP NYC teachers and students by actively engaging in volunteer opportunities throughout the fiscal year. Members must also participate in working groups including external community, internal community, and fundraising.


Leadership Council members actively fundraise on the behalf of KIPP NYC with an annual give/get contribution and participation in organized fundraising occasions, including the flagship SIP for KIPP event.


For any additional questions regarding the Leadership Council, please email Kim Heras.

Current Leadership Council

Council Chair

Kange Kaneene

External Engagement

Rachel Munsie*
Rohan Wadhwa*
Brian Brauntuch
Joe Cornell
Deep Dheri
Ernest Esparza
Ryan Fazio
Karl Konnoth
Laura Mutis
Nathan Wolman


Stephanie Hummel*
Alison Lyness*
Mark Abdelnour
Jessica Boddy
Christina Carroll
Lauren Chung
Marissa Moskowitz
William Romney

Internal Community

Caroline Leonard*
Anna Thomas*
Mitch Buder
Sharlene Disla
Max Lipscomb
Mary Myles
Alexandra Satine
Danny Schuster
Katie Tang
Chris Wallace
Jenny Ward

*working group co-chairs

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