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KIPP's open door policy encourages collaboration and sharing. It also means that no door is closed to you and your career growth.

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Our open door policy encourages collaboration and sharing. It also means that no door is closed to you and your career growth.


New Schools – Meet KIPP Freedom’s Leaders

In August 2018, KIPP NYC will be launching two new schools in the Bronx - KIPP Freedom Elementary School (2246 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, NY) and KIPP Freedom Middle School (proposed location - 1825 Prospect Avenue, Bronx, NY). Meet the two KIPP veterans leading the way!...

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A Great Job Interview with KIPP Takes Great Character

You’ve got this. Your resume is polished and you have all the skills for the job. Next up is the interview. If you know anything about KIPP, it’s that we’re big on character here. To help you ace your interview, we’ve provided essential interview tips using the seven...

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A Day of Character… A Lifetime of Lessons

Character education has always been at the heart of KIPP. We know when KIPPsters develop skills like grit, curiosity, and self-control, they become happier students, better teammates, and are more likely to persist through college. This fall, KIPP NYC hosted Character...

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Teaching with Tech to Drive Learning

3,000 Chromebooks. More than 600 iPads. A Mac Lab for high school graphic arts. Laptops and iPhones for all staff members. Technology is essential to everyday life and future careers, and these are just some of the many resources provided to KIPP NYC teachers across...

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KIPP Students and Teachers Get a Lesson in “Good Trouble” from John Lewis

KIPP NYC schools are committed to social justice, civil rights, and instilling our students with a sense of intellectual curiosity and purpose with respect to social issues. So, the opportunity to hear, firsthand, from John Lewis as he described the sit-ins, bus boycotts, and the march over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, on the way to Montgomery, left all of us in awe and deeply inspired.

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A Day with KIPP Special Educators: Part 2 – Middle School

In our middle schools, the special education supports and structures are continually evolving so we cater more effectively to our diverse communities and the specific needs of each incoming class. We utilize a robust Integrated Co-teaching (ICT) model paired with individualized supports that we adapt as students transition from 5th to 8th grade.

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How to Teach Social Justice to a 3rd Grader

At KIPP NYC, we have five guiding principles that support our “commitment to excellence,” and our overall mission of preparing students to go to and through college. One principle is our commitment to social justice, ensuring we continually combat the racism and...

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A Fresh Take on School Lunch at KIPP NYC College Prep

Michael Ioli is in his seventh year with KIPP and has served as an AP Spanish Teacher, a Dean, and the Director of Student Affairs. During all that time, he’s watched students eat food he knew could be healthier and tastier, so he took action. With the support of his...

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