Statement from KIPP NYC: US News and World Report Best High Schools List | KIPP NYC

Statement from KIPP NYC: US News and World Report Best High Schools List

Statement from KIPP NYC: US News and World Report Best High Schools List

In April 2017, US News and World Report released their annual ranking of the country’s best high schools. This ranking contained an inaccurate listing for KIPP NYC College Prep, which was subsequently removed. We want to offer an explanation of the discrepancy, how we brought it to US News’s attention, and what is being done for the future.

US News compiles their annual list based on publicly available data. High schools do not submit data themselves, as US News does not accept self-reported data of any kind. For KIPP NYC, US News looked at enrollment numbers as reported by the U.S. Department of Education, and AP test rates as reported by the College Board.

Although all of this data is accurate, US News’s methodology compared the two in ways they were never intended to be compared. They looked at AP passing rates for the entire school, and compared them to enrollment numbers for only a fraction of the school. This made KIPP NYC’s AP performance appear higher than it was.

We noticed the discrepancy immediately when the list was published, and notified US News of the error. KIPP NYC has not publicized the Best High Schools results in any way. Any public or media coverage of the list occurred entirely independently of KIPP.

We offered to share our own analysis with US News, based on their methodology but correcting the error in comparing the two sets of data. Based on our calculations, KIPP NYC High School would remain on the Best High Schools list, albeit at a lower ranking. However, because US News does not accept self-reported data, they made the decision to remove KIPP NYC College Prep from the list entirely.

It’s important to note that KIPP NYC College Prep did not make any errors in its reporting and did nothing to contribute to this error.

KIPP is committed to transparency and accuracy, and we respond whenever we learn of errors like these. We followed up with US News to fully clarify this issue before the release of next year’s list, to avoid similar inaccuracies in the future.