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KIPP Washington Heights Elementary

[Previously KIPP STAR Elementary Washington Heights. Same school – new name!]

From our joyful morning greeting to the last bell, we believe every moment is a learning moment – a moment to shine, to grow, and to develop the academic, emotional, and social skills that lead to success. Our students are encouraged to take risks, ask questions openly, and explore a variety of cultures and creative arts. Whether they are reading in the classroom, learning about animals in the zoo, or dancing at our winter show, our KIPPsters learn to live and breathe our core values: Work Hard. Be Nice.


Our goal is for all students to perform above grade level. To get there, we offer rigorous academic instruction tailored to each student’s needs, balanced with art, theater and movement, and fitness so that we educate the whole child. Each day, we help our students build their capacity to make excellent choices for themselves, whether the choice is about which book to read, which workstation to go to, or ultimately, which college to attend.


Strong character is at the heart of success. We teach our students to do the right thing — even when no one is looking. Students model great character for their fellow students and show kindness, compassion, and love through their daily actions and words.


Students are invested not only in their own learning but also in the learning of their teammates. By fourth grade, students will participate in peer and buddy learning programs to tutor and support fellow students and students in lower grades. In addition, teachers, students, and families participate in community service projects and outreach in the neighborhood.