KIPP STAR Middle School | KIPP NYC

KIPP STAR Middle School

Our students participate in a broad academic, cultural, and character program that sets them on a path to success to and through college. In addition to rigorous classroom instruction, we offer athletics, African dance, drama, martial arts, and Afro-Caribbean drumming electives that spark new interests, develop new skills, and bring pride to the school and joy to the classroom. Our approach builds the character strengths that students need to be successful in college and in their lives beyond the classroom.


We provide a college preparatory and culturally relevant curriculum to our students. Our teaching is based on Common Core standards and best practices shared with KIPP schools across the country. In addition, we leverage Harlem’s profound history and culture to teach current events, civil rights, the arts, and more. Our 7th grade students travel to the South on a week-long field lesson to gain first-hand understanding of the civil rights movement.


Character development is at the heart of all that we do. As they embody strengths such as curiosity, grit, and optimism, our students compete each month for the KIPP:STAR Character Cup, which rewards and reinforces outstanding character throughout the school.


KIPP:STAR fosters great teamwork inside and outside the classroom. We offer advisory programs that give students a supportive space to work out academic and personal issues with peers and school leaders. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of advisory programs including Brothers Seeking Knowledge, our boys mentoring group or Sister to Sister and Mariposa, our two girls mentoring programs. Additionally, KIPP STAR builds positive connections with the Harlem community through student, staff, and parent participation in local volunteer activities.