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KIPP Infinity Elementary

From the first day of kindergarten, our team and family teaches our students the academic and character skills needed to graduate from the college of their choice. Our approach nurtures our students’ abilities to solve real world problems, ignites a love of love learning, and builds a community where students celebrate each other’s success. Students are even taught sign language as a way for all to communicate calmly and respectfully. Our goal is that not only will every child perform academically on grade level, but also sing, dance, play sports, and explore the arts to keep them happy, healthy, and well-rounded.


KIPPsters learn through exploration and group projects inside the classroom as well as in zoos, museums, local stores, and the broader Harlem community. Students learn through a project-based approach where all subjects are integrated into themes, building a depth of knowledge. Because no two children are the same, the KIPP motto “All of us will learn,” is brought to life through programs where principals, teachers, social workers, and special education staff, collaborate to meet the unique needs of all students.


Our commitment to character is deeply embedded in letters of KIPP Infinity’s U.N.I.T.E. motto, which reminds our students (and our staff!) to Understand, Never give up, Imagine, Take a risk, and Explore. Character education is also a part of every interaction we have with students, families, and each other, and it is explicitly taught through a social and emotional skills program designed and delivered by our social worker and Dean of Students.


Every month, we open our doors for Saturday family programming that features learning activities — from math workshops to harvesting our community garden — for students and their families. Because our school is a partnership between staff, student, and family, teachers are always available by mobile phone to address any comments and concerns.