KIPP Freedom


Two new schools opening in the Bronx! Now accepting applications for Kindergarten, 1st, and 5th grade.

OPEN HOUSE – January 20

Meet our team and check out one of our current schools.
KIPP Freedom Open House @ KIPP Academy Elementary School
730 Concourse Village West – Tower D
Bronx, NY 10451

At KIPP Freedom we forge a pathway of enduring access to opportunity for all students. We cultivate innovative thinkers, skillful communicators, and revolutionary agents of change. By prioritizing student-driven learning experiences, students own their quest for knowledge. We lovingly nurture students to be socially-conscious citizens who engage their voice to advocate for self and others. We work passionately to afford our students the freedom to choose their paths, their truths, and their futures.

At KIPP Freedom we believe we are the right people at the right time to continue the revolutionary fight for a just, free, and equitable world. Through rigorous academic and character education, we love and push each other to reach our happiest and highest selves. We develop independent leaders who think critically, work collaboratively, and act courageously. As a team and family, we use the power of our voices, our stories, and our writing to create a world that honors our past, transforms our present, and liberates our future.

Elementary School Leader Profile

Sarah English: Sarah was a founding 3rd grade ELA teacher at KIPP Washington Heights Elementary, where she served as Dean for 2nd and 3rd grade for two years. As Dean, she managed 14 teachers and was responsible for ensuring the growth and achievement of 180+ students. Sarah has also taught ESL; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades; and served as Grade Team Leader prior to joining KIPP. Sarah holds a B.S. from  Babson College in Business Management and an M.S. from Hunter College in Elementary Education. She is also a proud KIPP mom!

Character & Community

We are a community built on trust, selflessness, and optimism. As socially responsible citizens, we love and leverage our unique identities to create a free and just world. Through volunteerism, advocacy and activism we spark solutions to social issues in and beyond our local realms. We passionately use our voice and empathy as revolutionary agents of change to build a better tomorrow.


We learn continuously, collaboratively, and reflectively. Teachers and leaders engage in ongoing rigorous study to be intellectually prepared, data-driven content experts, who cultivate critical and metacognitive thinkers. Students build background knowledge by engaging in diverse topics, experiences, and texts through project-based learning and accountable discussion. We embrace cognitive struggle as the primary means to permanently attain knowledge and achieve personal and societal freedom.

Middle School Leader Profile

Lariely Sanchez: As a founding teacher at KIPP Washington Heights Middle School, Lariely served as the Dean of Teaching and Learning, Dean of Students, head of the Writing and ELA departments, and more. Lariely’s career began in the South Bronx where she taught fourth grade for three years in a dual-language charter school as part of her Teach for America commitment. Lariely received a B.A. in American Studies from Yale University and a M.S. Ed. in Dual Language Education from Bank Street College of Education.

Character & Community

We believe in revolutionary love—the kind of love that drives courageous action, unites, and transforms. By uncovering our past, analyzing our present, and mapping our futures, we develop the love of self and community necessary to lead authentically and drive change. We use our individual and collective voices to advocate for ourselves and each other. We celebrate our successes, embrace our challenges, and push each other to reach our highest and happiest selves.


We believe that students learn best in collaborative environments. By engaging in interdisciplinary, project-based learning experiences, students develop critical and analytical skills that prepare them for real-life contexts. We believe strong writing instruction allows students to harness the power of their voice and their story in all contents. We analyze data continuously to hone our practice and ensure we meet the needs of every child. Mastery of these skills ensures that our students have the education necessary to be revolutionary agents of change.



Email us at to learn about open house dates and other news about KIPP Freedom’s opening.


KIPP Freedom elementary and middle school will be located in the Bronx, where we currently have three other schools. We will announce the exact location later this winter.