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KIPP Academy Middle School

As the first KIPP NYC school and the second KIPP school in the nation, KIPP Academy helped define what it means to “Work Hard” and “Be Nice.” Since 1995, we’ve dedicated ourselves to excellence, teaching our students the academic and character strengths needed for success in college, and in life. For years, we’ve consistently been ranked* as one of the highest performing middle schools in the Bronx, proving to the students and the community that demographics are not destiny. KIPP Academy alumni graduate college at four times the rate of low-income students nationally.


Every day, we provide students a rigorous college-preparatory program based on Common Core standards and best practices shared with KIPP schools across the country. Great teachers are at the heart of our academic success, and we’re proud to have not only retained many of our best teachers, but also proud to see many KIPP Academy alumni going on to teach for KIPP schools in NYC and beyond.


Along with regular character classes, everyday lessons across subjects are layered with personal connections to grit, optimism, self-control, and more. We believe that together, academic rigor and the deliberate teaching of character drive preparedness for high school, college, and the world beyond.

Music Education

KIPP Academy students learn to play and read music, which helps build academic and character skills. The 180-piece KIPP Academy String and Rhythm Orchestra has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, Madison Square Garden, and Mayor Bloomberg’s inauguration, among other venues with musicians such as Alicia Keys, Wynton Marsalis, Roger Waters, John Legend and John Mayer.

* According to the 2011-2012 New York City Progress Reports, among Middle Schools, KIPP Academy Middle School was ranked #2 in the Bronx and #7 overall in New York City.