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KIPP Academy Elementary

From day one, we prepare our KIPPsters for a lifetime of learning and success by teaching them the academic and character strengths they need to excel in high school and college. Our joyful and diverse approach educates the whole child: in addition to providing a challenging academic program, we fill their days with physical education, dance, music, and yoga several times a week, so that they can develop an ear for music, a sense of rhythm, an athletic ability, and overall health and happiness.


Our goal is for our students to be on or above grade level in science, math, English and social studies by fourth grade. We measure success not only in test scores but also in the way our students apply skills and show a deep understanding of the material. Through team teaching, collaboration and professional development, our teachers are always innovating and growing in their craft to help students achieve their best.


We tie curriculum and character together through our S.P.R.O.U.T. values – (Serenity, Pride, Respect, Optimism, Understand, Take a risk). Teaching character means we’re committed to our students acquiring poise and self-confidence and exhibiting excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom. Above all, we want our KIPPsters to try new things and to be excited to take on the challenges that lie ahead because they feel prepared and capable.


We teach our KIPPsters to know and connect with their culture and their heritage and to develop an appreciation of the vibrant cultures of the South Bronx and New York City. Soon, along with the International Refugee Committee, we’ll be “sprouting” a new community garden, where students will form connections with the environment and the local community in a hands-on learning environment.