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KIPP Through College – Our College Promise

In New York City, KIPP Through College actively supports 1,366 KIPPsters to and through college… and beyond.


Creating a kindergarten through college network is a recognition that a KIPP education alone is not enough mitigate the barriers to college completion rates nationwide. We believe our ongoing support makes a big difference in helping KIPP alumni cross the college finish line.

What We Do

KIPP Through College matches our alumni with advisors – coaches, mentors and confidants – who assist them in navigating the road to and through college. We empower our alumni and their families to find the college that best matches their needs, identify scholarship and financing options, advise students on dealing with academic and social challenges, and connect them to deeper academic and counseling resources when necessary. KIPP Through College staff also run career preparation and exploration programs and reach out to alumni who are potentially stalled on their school and career paths.

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Here’s what our alumni have accomplished so far:

95% of KIPP NYC alumni have graduated high school, nearly 2x the rate of minority students in NYC.

86% of our students have matriculated to college, nearly 2x the rate of low-income students nationally.

42% of KIPP NYC alumni have earned a B.A. degree, compared to 10% of low-income students nationally.

Notably, KIPP NYC’s goal for alumni college completion is 75% — the rate at which students in the highest income quartile complete college. We are proud of the progress that our alumni are making toward that objective. And we are both humbled and excited by the challenge that lies ahead.