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To & Through College

It’s not about a letter grade or test score, it’s about the percentage of our students who make it to and through college.

Our College Promise

To support our promise of getting KIPPsters to and through college we created KIPP Through College (KTC) – a privately funded program that provides continuous guidance to alumni as they transition from our classrooms towards college.


5 Factors for College Completion

Every year, we learn more about what it takes for our students to stay in college and make it to graduation day. Our own data, plus feedback from our alumni helped us identify five key factors that boost KIPPster graduation rates. Everything we do at KIPP NYC focuses on making the biggest impact across these five factors.

KIPP alum Jordan Ramos, City College graduate, 2014

Academic Readiness

1: Academic Readiness

Simply put, students who are exposed to a more rigorous college-style environment (subjects, study demands, etc.) are better prepared for their first day of college. At KIPP NYC College Prep High School, college-level AP courses are available at each grade level, giving students a taste of what’s to come. Coupled with our college and career readiness program, students are well-prepared for the rigors of college.

KIPP NYC College Prep science class


2: Character

Starting in kindergarten, KIPPsters learn the importance of character strengths like the grit to keep at it even when the challenge is great, the social intelligence to learn how to navigate the world with others, and the zest and optimism it takes every day to stay motivated and moving forward towards your dream.

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The Right Fit

3: The Right Match

Making sure our students attend the college that suits them culturally and academically is key. We cultivate partnerships with institutions with a proven track records with students from similar backgrounds, ensuring our students attend the most competitive school they can. Research shows that the right level of competition fuels future success.

KIPP NYC seniors show off college acceptance letters.


4: Academic & Social Integration

Even before they get on campus, our advisors build bridges for students, connecting them to academic resources. The advisors encourage students to become self-advocates so they are able to navigate the social terrain of college.

KIPP NYC alumni at the KIPP Alumni Summit


5: Affordability and Financial Understanding

Applying for and paying for college can be daunting, so our students and their families get advice early on how to navigate financial aid options. The KTC staff makes sure our students have a clear and stable combination of grants, scholarships, and financial aid.

KIPP NYC College Prep College and Career staff