A Day In The Life Of A KIPPster

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

From kindergarten through high school, every KIPP NYC day is designed to inspire a love of learning in our students and to equip them with the academic and character skills they need to succeed. To do all this, we start early, finish late, work hard... and have a ton of fun!

(Theater and Movement class at KIPP STAR Elementary Washington Heights)

Good Morning

An Early Start

A half hour or so before most NYC schools begin, KIPPsters get started with breakfast and often, an all-school meeting. Staff and students come together for chants, cheers, skits, celebrations of student success, school announcements, and other activities that build KIPP’s powerful team and family spirit.

(UNITE ceremony at KIPP Infinity Elementary)

Reading & Writing

Reading & Writing

Our elementary KIPPsters build verbal skills through guided and independent reading, games, songs, and more. In middle school, students double up with specific classes focused on reading and writing. Some schools have “Millionaire’s clubs” for students to inspire them to read 1 million words or more. In high school, we set the bar high, adding an extra speech and composition credit above and beyond what’s required for a NY Regents degree.

(Kindergarten class at KIPP AMP Elementary )

Non Fiction Studies

Curriculum Cross Training

Real learning happens when students make connections across topics, so in all our schools, teachers plan across subjects to deepen student learning. In elementary school, thematic units help the curriculum come to life. In middle school, KIPP NYC teachers developed a totally new approach to Science and Social Studies by combining them into Non Fiction Studies. The fusion allows our students to deepen their subject matter expertise while ultimately boosting their literacy. The class culminates in school-wide exhibits featuring 3D displays and essays from the students.

(KIPP Infinity Middle School Non Fiction Exhibition)


Math Is Life

At all grade levels, teachers provide multiple ways for students to engage with, appreciate, and understand math by using digital and traditional learning tools, making real-world connections, playing games, learning songs and more. This approach prepares our KIPPsters for the high school Regents exam by the time they are in 8th grade, and preps our high schoolers for college-level courses.

(Computers in the math class at KIPP Washington Heights Middle School)


High School AP Classes

To prime our students for college-style curriculum, KIPP NYC College Prep offers 10 honors classes that begin in 9th grade, preparing students for the 10 AP courses we offer in language arts, history, math, foreign language, science, and more.

(Students at KIPP NYC College Prep High School)

Everyone will learn

Everyone Will Learn

We’re committed to improving the skill level of all our students, no matter where they start. For those students that need a bit more help or special attention, we have special education professionals that offer individualized instruction in the classroom as well as tutoring whenever and wherever it’s needed.

(KIPP STAR Elementary - Washington Heights)



Even the zestiest of our elementary school KIPPsters need time to rest and recharge, so along with singing, dancing, and the movement classes they enjoy, we make sure quiet time, naps, and healthy snacks are part of their day.

(KIPP Academy Elementary)

College Prep

College Prep

KIPP NYC College Prep High School offers a comprehensive college, internship, and career guidance department to support each college journey. Students take college trips to experience campus life, and from 9th grade to 12th, coursework and counseling builds communication and problem solving skills, to give students the academic and emotional tools they need to be successful in college.

(KIPP NYC College Prep College and Career Counseling)


The Sound of Music

Inspiring students with music and the arts is a great way to build character and teamwork. You can hear it come to life in some of our middle school music ensembles, which have performed at Lincoln Center, at the Governor’s State of the State address, and numerous high-profile events throughout the country.

(Watch the KIPP AMP Legacy Jazz Ensemble at national KIPP summit)


Good Sports

Like our music programs, athletics are all about making our students well-rounded. KIPP NYC students must maintain high academic standards to participate in sports programs like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track and field, and more.

(Watch Mr. Griffith discuss the connection between athletics and character)

kipp trips

KIPP Trips

Our schools often use NYC-based field trips to reinforce classroom lessons. Students who show academic and character strength and growth, earn their passage for larger class trips to Washington DC, Boston, Utah, the South for a civil rights tour, and even China. We also offer trips to college campuses to students as early as the 7th grade.

(KIPP Academy Middle School class trip to Washington DC)

extended day

Extended Day... and Days

In addition to having a longer school day, we hold half-day classes on many Saturdays for students and families as well as summer school for all students. Extra time allows for more rigorous academic preparation – and for fun, diverse co-curricular activities and field trips.

(Saturday school family activities at KIPP Infinity Elementary)