Growth & Sustainability | KIPP NYC

Growth & Sustainability

In our multi-year plan, see how we’re spending smarter as we grow.


1: How We’re Funded

KIPP NYC relies on a combination of public funding and private philanthropy. As charter schools, we receive 80% of the public funds that traditional public schools receive and the generosity of donors helps to level the funding playing field.

As we grow, our reliance on philanthropy drastically declines thanks to economies of scale. We adhere to a policy of spending no more than district schools once our schools are fully grown. Private philanthropy is only used to support start-up costs and to close the public funding gap once schools are fully grown.

2: Scale & Sustainability

We’re on the road to serving more than 6,700 students and alumni by 2018 – a model that will offer our students 13 years of school and 6 years of alumni support while effectively leveraging private support. By the time we fulfill our growth plan, 92% of our operating budget will be supporting by public funds.


3: Where the Money Goes

90% of our funding goes directly to supporting our students and alumni.


4: Doing More With Less

We operate efficiently and spend our resources where it matters most: directly supporting our students.