Enroll in a KIPP NYC School

Brooklyn Families Apply Here

We have several openings for the current school year at KIPP AMP in Brooklyn for grades K-8. Interested families please complete the form to be considered. APPLY HERE

Student Enrollment at KIPP NYC

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in a free KIPP NYC public charter school.

We will open the enrollment application form for the 2017-18 school year by December 2016. To get a reminder, submit your information to receive an update when the form goes online.


KIPP NYC is a network of 11 free, open-enrollment public charter schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, and Washington Heights. From kindergarten through high school, we prepare our students for success in college and in life. 95% of KIPP NYC students graduate from high school and 86% go on to college. Once on campus, they graduate college at higher rates than students across the country.



Dec 1, 2015 – April 1, 2016 at noon

KIPP NYC accepts enrollment applications online or in person at any of our schools. See below for details on visiting our schools.


April 6, 2016

Students are randomly selected through a blind lottery.


April 7 – April 30, 2016

All families will be notified of their lottery status (whether they are selected or put on the waitlist) via a letter mailed to their home address in mid-April.