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KIPP NYC Charter Documents

Meeting Notes & Announcements

Recent Board Meeting Minutes

DRAFT – KIPP Public Charter Schools Board Minutes (12-11-17)
DRAFT – KIPP Academy Charter School Board Minutes (12-11-17)

Upcoming Meetings

January 22, 2018 – 3:30PM
KIPP Infinity Elementary School
625 W. 133rd St., NY, NY
Room 259

Planned meeting dates*
February 26, 2018
March 12, 2018
April 23, 2018
May 14, 2018
June 4, 2018
*Dates subject to change

Enrollment Admissions Lottery

KIPP NYC Charter School admissions lotteries took place April 5, 2017 at 12:00pm and were open to the public. The lotteries were held at the KIPP NYC Office located at 470 7th Avenue, 10th Floor; New York, NY 10018. Attendance at the lottery was not required and will not affect your chance of admission.

Learn more at our enrollment page.

Annual Reports & Financials

KIPP Academy


KIPP Infinity


KIPP Washington Heights

KIPP NYC College Prep

Financials for KIPP NYC College Prep High School are included in the documentation for KIPP Academy, KIPP AMP, KIPP Infinity, KIPP STAR, and KIPP Washington Heights.

School Safety

KIPP NYC Safety Manual

Updated November 2017