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KIPP NYC is a network of free, open-enrollment public charter schools preparing students for success in college and in life.

The KIPP Promise

In 1995 we started our first middle school, KIPP Academy, in the south Bronx. We set a goal to graduate students with the strength of character and academic abilities needed to succeed in life – and in so doing, to prove what is possible in urban schools. We promised to do whatever was necessary to help our students succeed, and we asked them, and their families, to make the same commitment.

More than 20 years later, KIPP NYC is still making and keeping those promises to our current roster of students. Across 11 schools we serve 4,607 KIPPsters — 90% are from low-income families and 97% are African American or Latino: All of them are selected by an open and random lottery. Learn more about our enrollment process.


In the last seven years, we’ve embarked on a major expansion to create a powerful kindergarten-through-college continuum of services. In 2009, we opened the KIPP NYC College Prep High School to serve the students who graduate from our middle schools and to ensure they attain the highest levels of college readiness. Each of our five middle schools have an elementary program, bringing KIPP inspiration, dedication, and preparation to our students’ first years in school.

A History of Progress

We are relentlessly focused on results – academic gains, character development, and the outcomes that ultimately matter most for our students: graduating from high school and college, embarking on a career, and becoming self-sufficient and happy.

95% of KIPP NYC alumni have graduated high school, nearly 2x the rate of minority students in NYC.

86% of our students have matriculated to college, nearly 2x the rate of low-income students nationally.

42% of KIPP NYC alumni have earned a B.A. degree, compared to 10% of low-income students nationally.

In 2012, 46 percent of our most recent alumni cohort completed college, and we’re on track to hit 50% in the next two years. Our ultimate goal is to have 75% of our students graduate from college.

Guiding Principles

KIPP NYC’s success is rooted in a few core principles that guide everything we do:


High Expectations

We raise the bar for students and teachers alike. We believe that all of our students are capable of remarkable learning and growth and that our talented team can and will find a way to achieve those results.


Empowered Staff

We value the can-do entrepreneurial spirit of our principals and teachers; we give them the authority and flexibility to make key decisions about staffing, curriculum, and instruction. Every school team is challenged to use its skill and creativity to drive continuous improvement and success for every student.


More Time

There are no shortcuts at KIPP NYC. Our day starts earlier and ends later than at other schools. We hold half-day classes on many Saturdays as well as summer school for all students. Extra time allows for more rigorous academic preparation – and for fun, diverse co-curricular activities and field trips to round out the learning experience and motivate our students. Check out a typical day for our teachers.


Character Counts

We believe that success in school and in life depends on character. During each school day, in every lesson and every interaction, we focus as much on developing character – traits such as zest, grit, self-control, hope, love, gratitude, social intelligence and humor – as we do on academic preparation. Learn more about KIPP and character.


Through College – and Beyond

A dedicated KIPP Through College team supports our students after they graduate KIPP NYC schools – to help them persist through college and go on to become successful professionals.