Teacher Development | KIPP NYC

Teacher Development

As a KIPP NYC teacher, you’ll get on-going, high-quality professional development within your school, with the broader KIPP NYC region, and with the national KIPP network.


In Your School

Each KIPP NYC school year begins with Professional Development Week, and continues with at least one afternoon each month. These timely PDs feature more training, practice, and conversations around curriculum and school culture.

One-On-One Coaching
We know that development is also personal, so our teachers also get weekly one-on-ones with an instructional coach where they get real-time feedback on lesson plans and classroom observations. Full of candid and productive conversations about what’s working and what’s not, this focused and practical back-and-forth is at the heart of our team’s growth. You’ll also have access to a regional Curriculum Instruction and Assessment (CIA) team that’s dedicated full-time to developing and supporting our teachers and school leaders.

Data is key to tracking student growth and guiding our instruction. We recognize that collecting and analyzing data is time consuming, so our schools block out Data Days throughout the year. This time is used exclusively to share and reflect upon student performance data and consider how we should modify what we do to better meet the needs of our students.

The KIPP NYC Region

Across all 11 KIPP NYC schools, our teachers connect and collaborate at least twice a month for half-day workshops and sessions across grade levels and subjects. Teachers, Deans and Principals also collaborate in cross-school working groups on an ongoing basis to review curriculum, develop assessments and identify best practices.
KIPP NYC Professional Development
Through our Empire Teaching Fellows program, KIPP NYC subsidizes the cost of obtaining a Master’s degree from Relay School of Education, a program that combines the best of research with the best of practice through a joint collaboration of KIPP, Uncommon Schools and Achievement First.

The National KIPP Network

KIPP’s national network of 200 schools is supported by the KIPP Foundation, which helps schools learn, share, and grow. Every year, the KIPP Foundation hosts a variety of retreats and conferences to promote nationwide collaboration and collaboration across our content communities such as the elementary school, ELA, math, science, and high school teams.

For teachers interested in pursuing school leadership, the KIPP Foundation runs the nationally-recognized KIPP School Leadership Program over the summer and during the school year to support the development of teacher leaders, deans and individuals selected to lead KIPP schools. These leadership development programs include classroom learning, collaborative projects and residencies in KIPP schools around the country.

Finally, all KIPP teachers have access to KIPP Share, an online platform that enables KIPP teachers across the country to share curriculum, classroom resources, and best practices. It’s a growing treasure-trove of material that makes our teaching better and our lives easier.